National Law ReviewWhen you and your family are working through a divorce or other life-altering event, it can be an emotional, upsetting, and traumatic time for those involved. Cases involving family law are often sensitive and complex, and each comes with its own set of unique challenges.


That’s why compassionate and competent legal representation is so essential when navigating these troubling waters. While family matters may seem very personal, rules and regulations regarding divorce and other aspects of family law are mandated by federal and Florida laws. Family law proceedings can have an enormous impact on the lives of you and your family, and can disrupt the lives of everyone involved. Such proceedings require the knowledge, experience, and council of an experienced Florida family law attorney.


The seasoned attorneys at Florida Family Law Clinic in South Florida are dedicated to protecting the rights and best interests of their clients and families. Our top lawyers have been protecting the rights of fathers, mothers, husbands, wives, and children for years, and have a proven track record of successful cases. We understand that the issues surrounding divorce and family law can be challenging and upsetting, and strive to provide our clients with exceptional representation that is as effective as it is compassionate.


Our attorneys help clients and families throughout the state of Florida, including Broward, Miami-Dade, and Palm Beach. We expertly and efficiently handle all matters related to legal affairs, so you can concentrate on the important matters like caring for loved ones and reorganizing your lives. From divorce proceedings to domestic violence concerns, our attorneys will be your most powerful and compassionate ally.

A Top Family Attorney in Florida Doesn’t Have to Cost a Fortune


For many families, fear of expensive legal fees keeps them from taking steps to protect their family and personal rights. Uncertain economic times may keep families from filing for divorce, renegotiating their Florida time sharing rights, or pursuing a permanent domestic violence injunction because they feel they simply cannot afford two separate households. Others know they will not qualify for free legal assistance, and don’t believe they can afford costly lawyers and legal fees.




Dedicated to protecting the rights of clients who may not otherwise be able to afford quality representation, the Florida Family Law Clinic provides superior legal services at an extremely affordable rate. Our clinic is the ideal, affordable Florida family law firm for families facing harsh situations, as our low-cost family law attorneys will work to protect your rights and prevent future legal hardships.


While the vast majority of family law attorneys in the Florida area may charge a minimum of $250 per hour, our attorneys will work within a client’s financial constraints at a competitive rate of $175 per hour.


Despite their low fees, our attorneys provide exceptional legal counsel without forcing our clients to compromise their expectations for a just and fair outcome. With the help of a Florida Family Law attorney, you can afford to take control of your family situation.


Feel secure and confident in the decision you make affecting your family.


Get the legal help you need, at a price you can afford.

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Florida Family Law Attorneys with Experience in a Wide Range of Practice Areas


Our knowledgeable and compassionate low-cost attorneys are experienced in a sweeping range of practice areas related to family law. Some of our areas of expertise include:
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