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Low Cost Family Law Services

Divorce doesn't need to cost a fortune. We provide low cost divorce and related family law services at a very affordable rate.

Let us use our years of experience to guide you through this difficult process.

Are you worried about your Time Sharing (Custody) rights? You are not alone. We are here and ready to help you.

Spousal abuse is surprisingly common for both women AND men. Don't be a victim of domestic violence, learn about your rights.

Extremely Affordable Rate
Cheap Divorce Attorney

Don't let the fear of expensive legal fees prevent you from protecting your family or your personal legal rights when a low cost family law attorney is just a phone call away.

The Florida Family Law Clinic (FFLC) is a South Florida Family Law Firm dedicated to providing affordable legal services, protecting the rights of families and individuals who often fall through the socioeconomic cracks of the judicial system. Our affordable legal services are set at a reasonable $175.00 per hour rate.

Who We Represent

Difficult economic times have left many feeling trapped in unhealthy situations due to monetary constraints or fear of financial uncertainty. The turn of events regarding the financial and real estate markets have many families opting to stay in a volatile environment by postponing legal actions such as filing for divorce, renegotiating their Florida time sharing (custody and visitation) rights, or pursuing a permanent domestic violence injunction because they simply cannot afford to live in separate households. FFLC is the ideal, affordable Florida family law firm for families facing these harsh situations because our low cost family law attorneys can help you protect your rights and avoid future legal hardships.

FFLC also knows that family law proceedings have left numerous families feeling that the only parties victorious after long legal battles were the legal councils. The affordable legal services provided by the counsel of Florida Family Law Clinic exists to help those who still want superior legal representation of a low cost family law attorney without disabling a family's ability to provide for or maintain their lifestyle.

An Experienced Family Attorney in Florida Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune
Low cost family law attorney services.

Much like the health care system, financial assistance for legal fees has been an all or nothing scenario for many. Family litigation proceedings can be very costly, leaving hard-working individuals living pay check to pay check. Many people do not qualify for free legal assistance, and are forced to hire legal counsel at a minimum of $250.00 per hour or represent themselves as "pro se". What often appears to be a simple issue can spiral out of control and possibly cause irreparable harm to children and/or spouses.

FFLC has introduced a groundbreaking solution for those in need of a family law attorney in South Florida who will work within a client's financial constraints at a competitive rate of $175.00 per hour, without forcing the client to compromise expectations for a just and fair outcome. You can afford to take control of your family situation.

Don't Go Without Legal Representation

There is a common saying that, "He who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client." While civil family proceedings do not require you to obtain legal counsel, going pro se often leads to confusion and being bullied or bound to agreements that don't meet your needs. Family law proceedings can have an enormous impact on your life and can disrupt your family. FFLC is the only family law firm in South Florida that provides quality legal representation at an affordable hourly rate, at a fraction of what other firms charge, in the following areas: Divorce, Paternity, Time Sharing (Custody and Visitation) Rights, Parenting Plans, and Post Divorce Litigation.

Protect Yourself and Family By Being Proactive

Doing nothing is often the most expensive and destructive thing you can do. Many let finances or other circumstances deter them from filing legal motions despite obvious signs that a disruption is coming. With FFLC, you will be working with a low cost family law attorney who focuses on educating and preparing their clients about all of the legal options available and how to work toward achieving each client's unique long-term objectives.

You Are Not Alone. We Can Help.

The complicated issues surrounding divorce and family law matters can be extremely challenging. Let us help. We offer a free initial telephone consultation — just call 954-354-7470 for information. For your added convenience, we also offer evening and weekend appointments, and we accept all major credit cards.

Feel secure and confident in the decisions you make concerning you and your family. Contact us today to learn about our low cost family law services.

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