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Since 2004, Tampa has been named as one of the top 5 cities where people want to live in the U.S. It was ranked as the fifth best outdoor city. Called a “top city” for twenty-somethings. And Hillsborough County and the greater Tampa area have experienced tremendous growth since the beginning of the century.


What it is not known as is a hub for families and married couples. The demographics bear this out – according to the 2010 census, only 27.6% of households had children under 18 years of age, and only 36.4% consisted of married couples living together.


None of which matters one bit if you live in the area and suddenly find yourself considering the prospect of divorce. Or needing to prove paternity so you can build a relationship with a child you didn’t know you had. Or desperate to find a way out of a problematic, violent domestic situation.


These are problems that are not tied to a particular area but human beings in general. Wherever people live, they tend to follow, and at Florida Family Law Clinic, we know that plenty of Tampa residents are in need of legal help for issues such as these. That is why we represent a network of experienced, high-quality family lawyers located pretty much everywhere across our great state – including in Tampa and Hillsborough County. Wherever you are, we are there to assist you in your time of need.


We also know that paying for a high-priced, hotshot lawyer simply is not in the budget for many area residents. Which is why we do everything in our power to take cost out of the equation. Instead of charging you $350 per hour like most other Florida family attorneys, our lawyers work for the very competitive rate of $175 per hour.


Why? Because it is our belief that every single person, regardless of their level of income, should be able to enjoy the benefits of working with a knowledgeable family attorney to make sure their rights and privileges are protected when these types of situations come up and that both sides receive an outcome that is fair and just.


Hillsborough County Family Lawyers Seeking Fair and Just Results for Everyone


That phrase – “fair and just” – should give you a pretty good idea about how we handle cases.


Family legal situations tend to be stressful and emotionally draining by nature. There are plenty of hurt feelings to go around. When these types of cases are not handled in the right way, things can turn bad quickly, with both sides doing whatever they can to cause the other pain.


This is the opposite of our philosophy. While we absolutely strive to protect the rights of our clients, we also understand that our case is likely not the last interaction you will have with the people on the other side.


If you are getting a divorce, you may need to interact with your ex regarding alimony payments. If you have children together, you will need to find a way to co-parent effectively and put your differences aside for the well-being of your children.


This may be difficult to do in even the best situation, but if you actively attempt to cause them harm during your case, it can become nearly impossible. Because of this, our family lawyers in Hillsborough actively seek out compromise, conciliation, and – in situations where it is appropriate – rehabilitation. We want the “winners” in your case to be any children involved and the family unit itself.


Along these lines we strongly believe in:


  • Equity-driven marital property distribution
  • Settlements rather than punishments for child support issues
  • Your right to get out of a domestic situation that is not working
  • Zero tolerance for domestic violence (and fraudulent domestic violence claims)
  • Pushing for settlements, but being ready for trial
  • Providing high-quality legal services at a reasonable price


When you work with one of our Tampa family lawyers, you can expect that they will do whatever they can to resolve your situation both quickly and fairly so you can start rebuilding your life.


Practice Areas Our Tampa Family Lawyers Can Help You to Resolve


Family law covers a lot of ground, but most people are not completely sure what that means. Some Hillsborough family attorneys focus solely on divorce. Others make adoption a particular specialty.


Because we have a large network that spans not just the greater Tampa area, but the entire state of Florida, you will have no trouble finding an experienced family lawyer who meets your needs – whatever those family law needs may be.


Our general family law practice areas include, but are not limited to:



Part of the beauty of our large network is that we can help you do the hard work of finding a knowledgeable professional who meets your specific legal needs. Why is this important? Because even within the area of family law in general, there are huge differences in how different kinds of cases are handled.


For example, someone may be an amazing divorce lawyer, but know next to nothing about paternity law. Or may excel in the areas related to co-parenting, but find themselves lost on a domestic violence case.


Discovering the right lawyer can be a full-time job in and of itself. But when you get in touch with us, it is a job that we do for you.


Start Dealing with Your Domestic Situation Now by Contacting a Knowledgeable Hillsborough Family Attorney


What is the best way to deal with any legal situation? Act fast.


This is true whether someone is suing you, if you have been charged with a crime, or if you find yourself in the middle of a troublesome family law matter.


The earlier you hire an attorney to start working on your case, the more time they have to examine the facts and come up with the best possible strategy to ensure a positive outcome for you.


So what are you waiting for? Get in touch with the Florida Family Law Clinic today for a free 20-minute consultation about your issue by emailing, filling out our online form, or calling one of our offices across the state:

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