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Should You Move Out of Your House While Divorcing in Florida?
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Opinions are mixed on whether it’s best to move out or stay put when you are divorcing in Florida. In this post, we’ll show you the pros and cons and tell you how a qualified attorney can help you make the right decision.
A home is normally a couple’s most valuable asset. Deciding which spouse should stay and which one should leave during divorce can be a tricky ordeal.… Read More [+]

Five Ways Floridians Can Benefit from Getting Divorced
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Divorce is often painted as a negative or even traumatic event. However, while it is typically the result of a “failed” marriage or negative situation, it is not uncommon for divorcees to find that they actually benefit from their new status.
After the initial heartbreak has worn off and they are able to move on, many people find that they have more freedom and lower costs after their… Read More [+]

How Does Joint Debt Work after Divorce in Florida?
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After you get divorced, how is joint debt handled? In this post, we’ll discuss who pays for what and how it is decided.
How Post-Divorce Debt Is Handled
Any debt created by one or both spouses during the marriage is considered community debt. Both spouses are generally required to pay back community debt.
The court decides which spouse is responsible for which community debts, and issues orders… Read More [+]

Why a Florida Family Law Attorney Is Better Than a Divorce Lawyer
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The most important thing in life is our family. Therefore, when legal matters such as divorce or separation interfere with family life, it is imperative to make sure that your family is in good hands.
If you are currently considering or in the process of a divorce or separation from your partner, you have likely shopped for lawyers, and were probably surprised to learn how many types of… Read More [+]

Post-Divorce Budgeting: What to Do with Your Alimony Check
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Getting divorced isn’t just about separating your life from your spouse, but also your finances. If you’re going to be receiving alimony, that means figuring out where that money fits into your overall financial picture.
How exactly do you do this?
In this post, we’re going to offer several suggestions on how to use your alimony check for maximum benefit.
Develop a Budget
In the… Read More [+]