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With pristine white sand beaches, renowned theme parks, and balmy weather, Hillsborough County is a haven for families.


That is not hyperbole either. According to recent census data, nearly half of our population is married, and 30% of the people here (married or unmarried) have children.


It is no wonder that people settle here. Fantastic weather. Kid-friendly attractions like Busch Gardens and the Glazer Children’s Museum. Date-night ready venues such as the Tampa Theatre or strolling along the Riverwalk. There is always something to do for everyone – big and small. Even in a place like this though, having a family can sometimes result in difficult legal situations.


At Florida Family Law Clinic, we are dedicated to safeguarding the rights, finances, and futures of Tampa area families. We have intimate knowledge of Florida family law statutes, as well as a clear understanding of the unique needs and challenges facing local families.


Our experienced attorneys work with families dealing with divorce, paternity, child support issues, domestic violence, and other family issues that must be resolved within the legal system. Moreover, we understand that dealing with these types of issues can be financially stressful, and we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service at an affordable price to families throughout Tampa and the surrounding area.


Florida Family Law: Professional and Compassionate Legal Counsel in a Trying Time


When dealing with issues as emotionally and financially stressful as family law concerns, skilled representation is essential. At Florida Family Law Clinic, we have the experience, resources, and determination necessary to help you achieve the best possible outcome in even the most complicated and emotionally-draining family law cases. We handle every case with professionalism and compassion, providing you and your family the personal attention you deserve from the moment you contact our office.


Family law issues can be a high source of stress and uncertainty. That’s why our lawyers deliver fierce representation while remaining empathetic to the sensitive nature of your case. Our attorneys work tirelessly to protect your family’s interests and help you get through this trying situation and move on as seamlessly as possible.


Contact the Florida Family Law Clinic now to discuss your legal matter with one of our seasoned lawyers, and take the first step towards defending the future of your family.


Top Quality Representation in Hillsborough County at a Low Price


At Florida Family Law Clinic, we believe every family in Tampa and beyond should have access to top quality, low-cost representation. Our mission is to make superior legal counsel affordable and available to those who need it.


We invite every client to call us for a 20-minute initial consultation, free of charge. During the free professional consultation, one of our top lawyers will answer any questions and discuss issues involved in your case. With a knowledgeable attorney in your corner, you can learn what laws apply to your case and consider your options.


If you do choose to work with our law clinic, our legal team will begin working on your case immediately. Though many family law practices in the Hillsborough County area charge a minimum of $350 per hour, our skilled lawyers provide superior service for the competitive rate of $175 per hour.


Why? Because unlike many other law firms, Florida Family Law Clinic is focused on providing the right solution for your family — not billable hours. If you are looking for a lawyer who will deliver high quality representation at a low cost, contact us for a free consultation now.


Our Areas of Expertise in Helping Tampa-Area Families


Over their many years of practice, our lawyers have gained experience in virtually every issue surrounding family law. We’ve earned a reputation for our fierce but compassionate representation, and can point to a long track record of successful outcomes for our clients. Our areas of expertise include:


Divorce. In Florida, the official legal term for divorce is “Dissolution of Marriage.” Florida is a “no fault divorce state,” meaning either party may seek divorce without providing a reason if they deem the marriage “irretrievably broken.” During a Florida divorce, the court is spared the complex task of deciding which party was at fault. At Florida Family Law Clinic, our goal is to help you and your family navigate the divorce process smoothly to ensure the best outcome for your family.


PaternityPaternity. Maybe you are a single mom looking to prove paternity so that you can obtain child support from the father of your child. Or a father who wants to connect with his kids. Perhaps you have not had your father in your life and want to know who he is and where you come from. Whatever your situation, Florida Family Law Clinic can help.


Child support. Florida courts use a mathematical formula for determining how much child support is owed by one parent to another. The calculation considers three primary factors: each party’s income, the amount of timesharing performed by each parent, and mandatory costs for raising the children. At our law office, we have experience developing fair and effective parenting plans that protect the best interests of your children.


Time sharing (child custody and visitation). Florida policy encourages parents to enter into a shared parental responsibility agreement that gives each parent equal decision-making power. Florida courts typically do not favor single-parent custody, though sole custody may be awarded in certain situations. At Florida Family Law, our goal is to help families establish and enforce time sharing arrangements with the children’s best interests at heart.


Alimony. During divorce proceedings, Florida courts may award alimony to either party in the form of periodic payments, payments in lump sum, or both. To determine the amount of alimony, courts may consider factors such as the needs of the requesting party, the ability of the other party to pay, the length of the marriage, and financial resources of either party. Our lawyers can work with you to determine whether you are eligible for alimony and ensure a fair outcome in your case.


Marital property distribution (equitable distribution). Florida is an “Equitable Distribution” state, meaning courts strive to divide marital property and property acquired during the marriage with marital funds or labor equally among both parties. Our attorneys can help you navigate the process while protecting property that is meaningful and significant from division by the court.


Post-divorce litigation. After divorce proceedings, you have the right to modify the final court order if you experience a “substantial change of circumstances.” If you believe your present situation does not meet your family’s needs, one of our talented lawyers may be able to assist you in post-divorce litigation.


Domestic violence. In Florida, domestic violence is defined as violent or aggressive action that results in harm of a family or household member by another family or household member. Our lawyers can help you address domestic violence concerns with sensitivity and insight.


Get in Touch with Florida Family Law for a Free Consultation in Hillsborough County Today


When dealing with issues that can impact your family’s well-being and future, it’s essential to consult with an attorney who possesses an intimate understanding of Florida family law and has a proven record in these types of cases. Our lawyers can be a powerful, compassionate ally to you and your family during these challenging times.


Reach out to Florida Family Law Clinic today to start seeking justice for you and your family. Affordable, excellent family law counsel awaits, and your first 20-minute consultation is free.


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