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The sun may shine 361 days each year in St. Pete, but amazing weather can only keep so many problems at bay. At the Florida Family Law Clinic, we recognize that the people in St. Petersburg and Pinellas County in general are still just regular folk. That means from time to time family legal issues can arise.


Maybe you are surprised to find yourself embroiled in a nasty divorce. Or you and your soon-to-be ex have been largely agreeable, but so far unable to work out a time-sharing agreement for your children. Perhaps you have been divorced for a while and need to make changes to your original agreement. Or want to determine the paternity of your child so the father will pay child support.


These are just some of the family law problems that St. Petersburg residents approach us about every single day. Legal issues are never pleasant to deal with, but when they involve domestic situations, they can be particularly difficult. You may find yourself dealing with conflicting emotions that make the whole thing even more confusing and stressful, such as anger at your spouse during a divorce and guilt for putting your children through this when it is not their fault.


Complicated feelings such as these can make it incredibly hard to deal with the “nuts and bolts” of whatever your specific issue is, leading to you making poor decisions that can have big, long-lasting repercussions.


And even if you are able to manage your emotions relatively well, the statutes governing family law matters in our state are anything but simple. Making sense of them so that you are able to resolve your situation in a positive manner can end up being a full-time job – time most people just do not have.


The obvious solution would seem to be to hire a Pinellas County family attorney. But if you have looked around at other law offices, you may have started to convince yourself that you will not be able to afford one. Why? Because most family lawyers in the Sunshine State charge $350 per hour or more, effectively preventing a huge portion of the population from working with them.


But at the Florida Family Law Clinic, we believe that everyone deserves the right to the best possible representation for their domestic issue – regardless of their income level. In fact, our business was formed for the express purpose of providing top-of-the-line family legal services at a discounted rate. Every family attorney in our network works at the reduced rate of $175 per hour, putting high-quality legal representation within reach of a far greater number of St. Petersburg residents.


Low-Cost Pinellas County Family Attorneys with a Focus on Fair and Just Results


As part of our mission of affordability, our lawyers focus on building bridges and getting both sides to compromise. We always litigate with your rights and best interests in mind, but the goal is to come to a fair and just resolution rather than fighting tooth and nail to make sure our clients get everything they possibly can from the other side.


There are several different reasons that we operate under this philosophy.


The first is that your case is likely to be resolved much faster when you are willing to compromise. This means both that you will be able to get started on the tough job of rebuilding your life and that the legal cost to you will be far less.


Just as important, however, is the fact that this case is probably not the last time you will have dealings with the individual on the other side of the aisle. Couples going through a divorce may require post-divorce litigation sometime in the future related to alimony or other big issues. Those with children will still need to interact regularly in order to effectively co-parent. How you treat your ex during this case can go a long way towards determining the nature and tone of your ongoing interactions.


And finally, these types of legal proceedings are tough on kids. If they are at all involved, it is almost never in their best interests to allow cases to drag on while one or both parents air dirty laundry and fight to punish their partner and “win” rather than merely seeking a positive resolution for both sides.


Your rights and desires matter to us, but the “winners” we focus on are your children and the family unit itself.


Legal Areas of Expertise for Our St. Petersburg Family Attorneys


You have probably heard of divorce lawyers. Maybe you’ve even heard of domestic violence attorneys or paternity lawyers.


Some legal professionals specialize in only one of these areas and brand themselves as such. But while it is true that you absolutely need a Pinellas County attorney with experience and success handling your particular issue, did you know that all of these legal issues fall under the umbrella of family law?


This is important to know, because finding the right lawyer for you can be tough and take a lot of time you may not have. But if you decide to reach out to the Florida Family Law Clinic, we handle this for you.


One of the biggest benefits of having a large network of family attorneys that span our state is that we are able to connect you with St. Petersburg area lawyers who are able to handle just about any domestic legal issue that you may be dealing with. Our attorneys’ practice areas include, but are not limited to:



Additionally, we represent individuals on both sides of just about every issue. Are you seeking alimony or trying to argue against it? Do you believe you should be paying less child support, or do you require more of it? Are you trying to prove that you are a father so you can be in your child’s life, or are you tracking down a deadbeat dad? Do you need to escape a relationship where violence is present, or are you facing charges of domestic violence?


Whatever situation you find yourself in, we can help – but only after you take that initial step.


Protect the Future of Your Family Now by Contacting Our Experienced Pinellas Family Lawyers


Domestic legal issues can impact every area of your life, negatively affecting your health, your career, your relationship with your children, and more. You owe it to yourself and your family to take them seriously and work with a legal professional who can give you the best chance at a positive outcome.


And when you choose to work with a lawyer at the Florida Family Law Clinic, you can get the legal help you need without sacrificing your financial future. So stop putting it off – reach out to us today to learn more about our free 20-minute initial consultation where we will go over the facts of your case and discuss potential ways to proceed.


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